Meet The Team


Our primary sculptor, and a long-time animal lover. 

She's writing her debut novel and working full-time to support the dream. 

 She takes inspiration for some sculptures from the worlds we’ve built while co-writing.


The primary painter and potter. 


Loves: Mashed potatoes, cats, fantasy fiction, and uncanny and/or unsetting artwork.


Hates: That feeling when you get superglue on your fingers.

Sigh thinks he's more helpful than he ac


Manager & Mascot. 

Heir to our Estate.

Loves: Food of any kind, sitting on people's faces, staring disapprovingly.

Hates: Nail trims.


Photography Assistant & Product Manager.

Loves: Screaming, communal grooming, air-kneading.

Hates: Bathtime.


Photography Assistant & Customer Service Representative.

Loves: Eating things she shouldn't, paranormal bug hunting, cuddling.

Hates: Food-hogs

The Giant Peach


Voted most likely to be a cat. 

Peach loves to play, and he never lets go once he catch his prey! He especially loves playing with other cats.

(Keep people food out of reach. It is the most thrilling hunt of all.)




A small man in a cat's body.


Clem is very vocal, and a super cuddler! He loves to snuggle. He's also a chewer of toes. Socks, no socks, he doesn't care. 


He will find you, and he will find your feet.  Hide them.



50/50 chance of being an alien.

Grape loves to cuddle, but not to be cuddled. Let him come to you. He's the baby of the group, but  he's got the spirit and does his best to keep up.

A for effort, kid. 


This is where we feature our latest fosters!

If you're interested in one of them, you can fill out an adoption application at Espanola Humane!