Interns, Round 1!

Updated: May 11, 2020

Shortly before Christmas, we submitted an application to foster with the Espanola Humane Shelter. They’d asked for people to help do short-term fosters for some of the dogs while the staff took a holiday break. If you were following us on Instagram during that time, you may have seen some photos of Diesel, the precious pittie we had for about a week.

After that, we knew we were ‘ready’ to foster kittens, a longtime dream of ours. It’s been a few months, but with kitten season arriving, we got a call from the shelter on Monday, April 14th, and they said they had 3 foster kittens for us! Our first interns!

I went to pick them up right away, brought them home, and we got them set up in the bathroom. Anyways, Meet Delilah (Delli for short), Ginga' Bean, and Potatt. Two sisters and a brother!

We tried keeping them in the bathtub at first, with a pet-safe heat pad and some covers. This worked for a few days before they leveled up and were able to get out of the tub, but not back in.

It's been such a hilarious, awesome thing to watch them get continuously more troublesome and capable! It's easy to see why people fall in love with fostering. We're both so excited to do it again. By now, these three are almost big enough to go back to the shelter for adoption. While it'll be so sad to see them go (we've gotten used to having them around!) it's been so cool to be a part of them growing up!

For now, they're listed on our Staff Page in the brand-new 'Intern' section until they go on to fur-ther their careers as the accomplished adoptees we know they will become! If you’re interested in adopting any of these excellent candidates, you can fill out an adoption application on the Espanola Humane website, and when they complete their internships (fostering) with us, they’ll be eligible for adoption at the shelter!

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