Interns, Round 2!

After fostering Potatt, Delilah, and Ginga’ Bean, we had the chance to foster three more kittens, a batch of ginger babies this time! We’ve had them about a month now, and I’m writing this with plans to return them tomorrow after this blog post is up, so they’ll be up for adoption! You can check out our Staff Page to learn more about each kitten!

Meet Grapefruit (aka Grape, Grahpeh), Clementine (aka Clem, Little Man), and The Giant Peach, (aka Peach, Paesh, Peachy G.)

Round 2 was...interesting. Easier in some ways, and harder in others. This batch was a couple weeks older when we got them, and that meant feeding them was easier. They had colds when we got them, so at first they weren’t very hungry, but they also didn’t need to have the milk replacer for as long, and the food didn't need to be heated every time. That was nice, and the floor stayed a lot cleaner.

The most notable thing that was harder was that they peed on EVERYTHING. It was terrible. As clean as we kept the litterboxes, and no matter how many times we showed them where they were, they didn't care. These guys thought the world was their litterbox. Every secluded corner became a privy for their personal use. Every errant paper on the floor was a golden throne.

While they stayed with us, our couch became a cushion-less bench with a yoga mat laid over it to protect it from their free-peeing ways, and our house, ironically, got much cleaner as we made the effort to protect our belongings. It got better with time, but oh boy, it was an ordeal.

With them leaving us for the big wide world of potential adopters, we’re looking forward to the cats having their space back, and being able to return our couch to its natural state. But honestly, we’ve gotten a lot more attached to these guys than we did the last kittens we had. Potatt, Ginga’, and Deli were sweethearts, but if we didn’t already have three cats, we’d have seriously considered letting at least one of these babies stay here with us. (I hope it doesn’t get progressively harder to let them go with each batch of fosters!)

I fell in love with Grape and his haunted, alien stare and cuddly ways. Theresa caught a soft spot for Clem, because “he just looks like a weird little man, but also because whenever one of them came to snuggle, it was usually Clem.” Peach, with his mournful little eyes, also carved his way into our hearts, in the way that the ghost of a sad Victorian child makes itself at home in your house and never leaves.

Honestly, it’s going to be tough returning them. Hopefully I don’t cry - I can’t see a runny nose and mask mixing well. Whoever loves these babies after us is going to be very lucky, and I am going to miss them very much.

If you’re interested in adopting any of these excellent candidates, you can fill out an adoption application on the Espanola Humane website!

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